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Geological Field Trips in the Area of the Ukrainian Shield

Dnipro University of Technology (Ukraine) organizes geological field trips in the frames of the educational geological practice in the Middle Dnipro and the Azov Sea areas. The practice is organized for students of geological and mining specialities. The purpose of the practice is to study geological processes in the field. 

Also, we are experienced in providing field trainings for industrial geologists and other specialist.  

A valuable benefit of the training grounds of the Dnipro University of Technology is the possibility to study numerous deposits of ores and other minerals. The most of the objects belong to the Ukrainian Shield’s Precambrian formation. Participants attend deposits of gold, iron ore, lithium ore, rare metals, ceramic pegmatite, building stone etc., including those not yet exploited.

The trip includes comfortable accommodation and cultural program.


Approximate schedule (8 days)

 Middle Dnipro area (accomodation in Dnipro)

1st day – arrival to the city of Dnipro, accommodation in the dormitory of the University. Excursion in the city and in the University (Mineralogical museum).

2nd day – quarry of a mining and dressing enterprise (optional) in Kryvyi Rih, geological landmark “Rocks of MOPR” (outcrops of ferruginous formation in the valley of Inhulets river).

3rd day – Pokrov mining and dressing enterprise (quarries of manganese ore). Exploited and worked out quarries of Tokivsky decorative granites. Hydrogeological landmark “Tokivske waterfalls”.

Azov Sea area (accommodation in Berdiansk)

4th day – (by the way to Berdiansk) Zaporizhzhia city, Khortytsia island. Zelena Mohyla ceramic pegmatite deposit. Arrival to Berdiansk, accommodation in a hotel.

5th day – mouth of the river Berda, monazite containing garnet-ilmenite coastal sands. Surozke gold deposit, Kruta Balka lithium pegmatite deposit.

6th day – Korsak Mohyla iron ore formation, geological and archaeological landmark “Kamiana mohyla” (near Melitopol city).

7th day – arrival to Dnipro, summarizing of the visit.

8th day – departure from Dnipro.

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