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History of the Department

The teaching of geology is providing in the National Mining University since its foundind. Therefore, even according to the "Statute on Yekaterinoslav Higher Mining College", approved on the 16th of June, 1899, students studied "Mineralogy" and "Geology and the Study of Mineral Deposits." In 1906 18 departments of the college were approved, including the departments of "Crystallography, Mineralogy and Petrology," "Geology and the Study of Mineral Deposits."

nesterenko_eng.jpgWhen the College was turned into the Mining Institute (1912) the departments of "Mineralogy," "Geology" and "Applied (practical) Geology" were approved. In 1918 the Geological-Exploration department inside the Mining Faculty was organized for the training of geologists. The founder of the geological school in the Institute was Nikolay Lebedev (1863-1931), who worked here for 30 years (from 1901), and in 1908-1919 and 1921-1924 was a rector of the Institute. Under his leadership, the first geological departments were created, and his disciples trained specialists in geology.

In 1925 the department of General Geology and Hydrogeology was allocated from the Department dodatko_eng.jpgof Geology. It was headed by prof. S. Gembitsky the disciple of N. Lebedev. He was in charge of the combined department until 1935, when Dnipropetrovsk Mining Institute has started training of specialists in hydrogeology and engineering geology. Prof. S. Gembitsky became the head of the new Department of Hydrogeology. The Department of General, Dynamic and Structural Geology (as it was then called) was led by his disciple, A. Alekseev, who headed it until 1957. Later the department was headed by the rector of the institute Prof. Peter Nesterenko (1957-1963), Associate Professor M. Kulish (1963-1972), Associate Professor A. Veselov (1972-1977), Associate Professor P. Sklar (1977-1978), Professor A. Dodatko (1978-2000), Professor. O. Orlinska (2000-2006).

Since June 1, 1988 the department is called "General and Structural Geology."

In 2006-2016 the department was led by its graduate, pro-rector for academic affairs, Candidate of Geology, Professor Yurii Khomenko.

Since May 10, 2016 the department is led by Serhii Shevchenko, Candidate of Geology, Associate Professor.


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