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The department provides teaching in accordance with the educational and professional programs and annual plans included in the normative part of the training programs for bachelor's degree in 6.040103 Geology, 6.050301 Mining, 6.080101 Geodesy, Cartography, Land Management, 6.040106 Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Use of Natural Resources full-time, part-time and reduced form training.

Disciplines of natural science training:
• General Geology;
• Geology;
• Geology with the Fundamentals of Geomorphology;
• Geology and Geomorphology;

Disciplines of professional-oriented training:
• Structural Geology and Geological Mapping.

gemmology.jpgDisciplines for the choice of higher school for students of 6.040103 Geology training area:
• Basics of Gemology;
• Valuation of Precious Stones;
• Art Treatment of Gemstones;
• Basics of Jewelry;
• Gemstones of Ukraine;
• The History of Precious Stones;
• Design of Natural Stone Products.

Disciplines of the elective part of educational and professional training programs for natural-science, technical, humanitarian and socio-economic training areas:

• Natural Resources Potential of Ukraine;
• Commercial Gemology: Basics of Gemstone Marketing, Trading and Evaluating.


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