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Nothing can be equal to the field trip with a hammer and a geological compass. But during quarantine, it is impossible to do. In order to form students' ideas about the field survey of geological objects, teachers of the Department of General and Structural Geology of the Dnipro University of Technology in June 2020 prepared a series of films about geological objects of the Middle Dnipro training ground for online classes.

Загроза коронавірусу: карантин вводять у школах, дитсадках та ...QUARANTINE

Dear students! 

In connection with the quarantine, from March 12, 2020, classes in all subjects delivered by the Department of General and Structural Geology take place through the Moodle distance learning platform according to the schedule. The official channel of communication with the teachers is the corporative mail in Office 365.

During the whole week, from 21 to 26 October, representatives of the Union of Mining Geologists of Poland had practical training at the Dnipro University of Technology.
During the week, specialists from Poland got acquainted with the scientific achievements of the scientists of the Dnipro University of Technology, a laboratory base, met with the management of the Geological Prospecting Faculty, departments and structural units of geological and drilling directions. Representatives of the Polish delegation also visited Poltava Mining and Ore Processing Plant and geological objects of the Azov Sea and Middle Dnieper areas' training grounds of the educational geological practice of the Dnipro University of Technology.

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